Food fit for the Gods is the ethos at Athens Yacht Club which has arrived at 179 Victoria Street, providing patrons with a taste of Greece.

Authentic food with modern touches delivers roast pork belly served with skordalia (Greek potato dip), white beans, lemon, onions and parsley, as well as grilled Athens Tiger prawns with kritharaki (orzo), mussels and tomato. The family style service is perfect for sampling and sharing the dishes.

Authenticity extends beyond the food into the service where you’ll feel very much at home or perhaps more appropriately, you’ll feel like a member of the club.
It is no surprise that at the time of writing, all 18 Facebook reviews have rated Athens Yacht Club 5 stars, with the words ‘service’, ‘stylish’ and ‘divine’ all featuring in the customer testimonials.

An accommodating fitout blends an intimate ambience with a lively atmosphere, making The Athens Yacht Club a restaurant and bar for all occasions.

The location of The Athens Yacht Club in The Carlton Butchery building built by Countrywide Property places it proximate to the central city and the northwestern suburbs of Christchurch.

Make a trip to The Athens Yacht Club at 179 Victoria Street or visit to make a reservation