The New Zealand Merino Company flocked to 123 Victoria Street, we interviewed Strategic Project Specialist, Anna Johnstone to find out why.


Why did you choose 123 Victoria Street for your business?

Previous to the quakes we were based in town, we wanted to get back to the city and 123 Victoria Street is a great building in a vibrant area of Christchurch.


Had you considered other sites?

Yes, we looked at lots of options around Christchurch.


Is there a reason you went into Victoria Street and not further into the CBD?

We loved the design of the building and the area had a wonderful energic atmosphere. The location was also a great accessible location for our growers and brand partners to visit.


How have you found working with Countrywide Property?

Richard and Adele (Countrywide) have both been great to deal with and very accommodating, it has helped us to progress.


Can you describe your fitout – anything that is unique or stands out?

Our fitout is very unique and is a representation of NZ merino’s core heritage and ethics. We would love that our staff, partners and guests feel welcomed, a sense of pride and understanding of the roots of our business as soon as they walk through the door. We have worked hard to use sustainable and circular materials throughout the fitout that make our world a better place.


Do you think the restaurants and cafe on the ground floor add to the vibe of the building?

Yes, we love that there are restaurants, cafes, hotels nearby, not only for our team but also for our guests when we welcome them into our home city.