123 Victoria Street

Situated in the heart of Christchurch’s vibrant Victoria Street, this is Countrywide Group’s latest and largest development. The 7,462m2 building is Countrywide Group’s biggest development to date, which reinforces [...]

2023-10-28T22:51:58+13:00January 25th, 2022|Development|

Coffee Traders Trades Places

Residents and workers around Victoria Street may have lost their favourite coffee spot, Coffee Traders, which was formerly in the Food Containers next to the giant gnome sculpture, however, they won’t have to go far to discover its new location. Vanessa Clements started her coffee shop, Coffee Traders, in 2015 within the Countrywide Property [...]

2017-04-21T14:59:40+13:00April 21st, 2017|News|

Nexia’s Next Move

Nexia New Zealand was formed when leading Canterbury accounting firms Marriots and HFK merged last year and is now set to take possession of some of Christchurch’s most premium office space. The top floor of 123 Victoria Street will be the new home of Nexia New Zealand and will bring together approximately 90 staff under [...]

2017-03-23T16:53:45+13:00March 23rd, 2017|News|

Latest development for Countrywide Property set to go ahead

The largest Countrywide Property development to date, 123 Victoria Street is set to go ahead with the confirmation of tenancy for the top floor. The owner of Countrywide, Richard Diver is confident the building “helps cement Victoria Street as a more desired part of town to be in.” The street is humming and is all but complete, with [...]

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