Indian, Iraqi, Cuban, Carribean – take your pick. Home is the freshest addition to Victoria Street’s gourmet hub, the Food Container.

Owner-chef Darren Fabri has returned home to Christchurch after seven years of cooking for billionaires around the world, mostly on superyachts and one hilarious-crazy time cooking breakfast for Israel’s richest man on his private jet as it was taking off.

Darren’s brought back an astonishing repertoire of cuisine, which is reflected in the menu at Home. The food is five-star but inexpensive. As he says: “I want to keep prices down and flavours up.” The dishes are created with a no-recipe look and feel approach using fresh herbs and lots of spice.

At Home, you can dine in the chic gourmet hub surroundings of the Food Container, or take your dish with you. Open until 8pm, it’s ideal if you’re working late in an office on or near Victoria St. It’s also a great option for lunch or prior to checking out some of the nearby nightlife.

The food on offer at Home will continue to develop and change. Darren plans to bring Thai, Japanese, Turkish and Spanish cuisine into the mix.

For multicultural fare and flair, get yourself down there.