As of April 18th, a giant metallic gnome will be peering out over the inner-city landscape, as Countrywide Property brings sculptor Gregor Kregar’s comic-heroic philosopher to Victoria Street.

Slovenian born, Kregar is based in New Zealand, but travels extensively throughout Europe, giving his work a wider dialogue with a larger audience and ensuring his perspective and ideas remain fresh and dynamic. Kregar is interested in “reinterpreting mundane objects, shapes, situations and materials” and creating thought-provoking, unexpected and diverse interpretations of common objects.

The inspiration, for his “Reflective Lullaby” gnome, stems from the perception that gnomes are guardians of the underground, possessing special powers and knowledge. He hopes that the gnome is interpreted as a being that wants to settle the ground in Christchurch, and reminds us to appreciate the little things. Countrywide Group is pleased to bring Gregor Kregar’s gnome to Victoria Street, to serve as a monument of reflection, in the chaos of city life.